Healthcare Training Program

Astraea provides a range of training programs, as per NSDC guidelines, in partnership with State Health Sector Councils. It has set up chain of training centres across multiple states housing top of line hands on labs and highly experienced faculties that deliver following training programs,

  • General Duty Assistant
  • Dialysis Technician
  • Cardiac Care Technician
  • Radiology Technician
  • Phlebotomy Technician
  • Dental Nurse
  • Medical Laboratory Technician
  • Post Operative Care Nurse
  • Home Health Aide
  • Geriatric Caregiver
  • Diabetic Assistant
  • Emergency Care
Technology Driven Skilling Solutions

Astraea leverages a combination of technologies where new workflows are easily adopted and put into practice by your admins and care providers. A world where we increase medical team’s efficiency, decrease manual errors and up the adoption of digital best practices without having to continuously train and retrain. Astraea’s training ecosystem can build and customize courses, check learning outcomes and constantly assess need to reskill or upskill.

Astraea has set up large knowledge networks with multiple state Governments and private bodies. These knowledge networks blend Blended Learning Platform online and our physical training centres and true learning happens,

  • Individuals chase their curiosities
  • Skills are updated real time as per dynamic industry demand and job market
  • Science of the content and art of the teaching blend effectively
The Astraea Advantage

Current solutions like MOOCs are grappling with low participation and completion rates; and traditional LMS can only support learning administration.

Astraea has built a path breaking solution to enable true learning that is adaptable and can track learning. This combines the best of self paced and highly scalable online course libraries that build strong fundamentals and live interaction with top experts. AI driven assessment engine diagnose exact point of intervention by trainers.

All Astraea centres leverage hands on training for health workers in different settings and medical complications. Trainees also undergo soft skills to deliver care with utmost care and precision.