Blockchain Training Programs

Astraea has embarked on the journey to build the builders of Web3! Our training programs are skill development programs customized to the industry demand and suitable to the specific job-roles most demanded by the industry today. The programs focus on imparting the specific skills the incumbent would require to qualify for the role chosen. The curricula is heavy on hands-on instructor-led practical and project-based assignments imitating the industrial work-environment in which the candidate will have to operate. The solutions pan from job-seeking candidates, to professionals who want to reskill and participate in the emerging economy of web3, for Academic institutions to intensify the skill building effort and also for Public and Private sector Units to learn, understand, adopt and reap the benefits of the technology in their business operations.

Blockchain Technologies
  • Ethereum Developer
  • Hyperledger Developer
  • Web3 Developer
  • Blockchain Engineer
  • Blockchain Architect
Across the learning Ecosystem
  • For Students
  • For Working Professionals
  • For Academic Institutions
  • For Public Sector Units
Skilling Services
  • Training (Students, Enterprises, PSUs)
  • Academic Curriculum Development
  • Customized Content Creation & Delivery
  • Centres of Excellence
Industry demand focused Curricula

Astraea curricula is job role focused as is the current skill-set demanded by the industry at large. These skilling programs are like the finishing school for the web3 industry aspirants who pick up essential skills to perform in their job role right from day one. Our candidates understand their role in the entire developmental process and complement the teamwork with outstanding professional abilities.

Astraea is setting up large knowledge networks with multiple state Governments and top academic institutions across the country. The objective is to make knowledge more accessible to all so that empowerment to deserving candidates take place seamlessly, contributing to the capacity building of the entire nation in the best possible manner.

  • Top Notch institutions – best of the trainers
  • Digital learning transcending barriers to skilling and providing the best opportunities to the remotest candidates
  • Industry relevant skill-sets with continuously evolving curricula.
  • Science of the content and art of the teaching blend effectively
The Astraea Advantage

Use technology to train technology. It is opening up the world of possibilities to the incumbents right from day one of the training. Demonstrating use cases and inspiring the learners to rediscover digital solutions to common-day problems – breeding efficiency into the systems with a goal of creating sustainable win-win solutions for every stakeholder of the ecosystem. Creating the Creators of Tomorrow – Building the Builders of the digital ecosystem.