About Astraea

Astraea is a Technology driven Healthcare Knowledge Management Organization focusing on a variety of end-to-end managed training and empowerment infrastructure for Health Workers. Our core competence covers training and placement of health workers to provide the most complex services, in India and across key countries of the World. Nurses passing out from Astraea Institute have both hard skills and soft skills to handle patients with both compassion and dexterity.

Founded in 2015 by industry veterans in Healthcare field, our network of training centers have till date trained and placed over 10,000 nurses in India, Middle-East, Japan and now expanding to Israel, Canada and EU.

The company works closely with National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) with training infrastructure in prominent states like Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Assam & Meghalaya.The rise in ageing population around the world over the next three decades is expected to create a massive demand for healthcare workers, representing an opportunity for the Indian workforce.

The training and exporting of health workers from India is part of Astraea’s initiative to link India’s labour market with other countries. Our advantage of having operations in a country like India that has the World’s youngest population that is naturally inclined towards Sciences and Services.

Astraea is investing in global labour mobility in India that has the highest number of medical colleges in the world and is one of the largest exporters of healthcare workers to the developed world — countries in Europe, Gulf region, the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Israel.

Our Management Team

Simanta Das


Simanta is a serial investor in emerging technologies. He is the Chairman of leading European investment companies Stalhmarg Capital B.V. and Rising Stars B.V. He is an alumnus of MIT and Harvard Business School.

Kaushik Ray


Kaushik has over 2 decades of experience in developing and setting up large scale public & private heath knowledge and service networks leveraging Ed-Tech and Health-Tech. He has headed Strategy and Business functions for large US & Europe based transnationals and has been an entrepreneur with startups in Health-Tech in India & Canada and in Cyber Security.

Jitendra Srivastava


Jitendra is a veteran in business acquisition and fulfilment, particularly in the Technology and IT sector. He headed Govt Sales of SAP and has also been an award-winning entrepreneur in the skill training market.

About Astraea 2.0

The world is rapidly innovating in the wake of Industry 4.0. We at Astrea are imbibing the efficiencies of the emerging technologies like Blockchain, Web3, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Augmented and Virtual Reality based skilling solutions to provide a more efficient and empowered skilled professional in the Healthcare area.

The foray into utilization of these technologies in our core offering exposed us to the realities of the skilling requirements in these technology solutions, particularly Blockchain. Our core Blockchain Technology team and its expertise provides us the opportunity to move into the Blockchain Technology area as a vertically integrated organization providing Skilling and bespoke solutions, providing Development, Audit and Tokenization services to the web3 industry along with consulting and customized product and solutions development for enterprises aiding the technology adoption across sectors.

Astraea has been invested by leading European investment company, Stalhmarg Capital, Amsterdam.