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Technology Solutions for Sustainable Systems

We are a vertically integrated Healthcare Skilling and Blockchain Technology Solutions Organization.

We Provide

Skilling Solutions

Healthcare Skilling
Blockchain Technology Skilling

Web3 Services

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Blockchain Product Development

Enable enterprise digital transformation through blockchain for provenance, automation, and cost efficiency while reducing intermediaries.

The Astraea Edge

Welcome to Astraea 2.0

Our foray into imbibing emerging digital technology solutions is helping us evolve into a leading force in blockchain technology, harnessing Industry 4.0 solutions to revolutionize skilling, services and bespoke product development.

Our Expertise

We are a vertically integrated blockchain organization, specializing in Skill Development, Services, and Product Development. Committed to scalable solutions, we serve diverse industries like Healthcare, Fintech, Agriculture, and Public sector.


Elevate your career through our tailored upskilling and reskilling programs, partnering with top academic institutions for a turbocharged professional journey


Access our expert services for blockchain solutions, harnessing decentralization efficiencies to elevate processes and deliver enhanced value to end-consumers.


Collaborate with us to elevate your business to Industry 4.0 standards, staying ahead of innovation for scalable, sustainable solutions and unmatched efficiencies.

Our Strategic Alliances

Astraea works with NSDC International for facilitating and leveraging country wise certificate accreditations and work guidelines

Astraea exclusively works with UHealT Technologies to seamlessly upskill health

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